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    How does it work

    Fast transfers from card to card

    You can transfer money from any Mastercard or Visa card.

    You do not have to know the bank of the recipient; all you need is his card number. You will transfer money fast, safely and cheap. In Poland and abroad. Try now.

    • Send money to the recipient’s card in the country or abroad.
    • Money will be in the recipient’s account within few minutes.
    • You do not have to look for the account number, SWIFT code of the bank etc. All you need is the recipient’s card number.

    Fast transfer

    1. Select “”
    2. Provide the transaction amount
    3. Enter details of your card and address
    4. Enter the recipient’s card number
    5. Verify the transaction
    The company publishes an information brochure of the European Commission on consumer rights when making payments in the Member States.
    Link to the brochure: Link